How Do I Join?

ACAA members share a common interest in recycling coal combustion products as valuable materials that support environmental sustainability, minimize the need for disposal, generate revenues, and reduce liability. Our members are active at national, regional, state, and local levels. An application form is provided for submission below. For more information on member benefits, please click here.

Membership Categories/Classes

U – Utility Membership: CCP producers to include electric utility and independent power producers (IPPs) located in North America or the Territories of the United States of America.

N – Non-Utility Producer Membership: Producers of CCPs other than Class U or persons controlling such producers of CCPs who have CCP producing facilities located in the United States or the Territories of the United States of America.

M – Marketer Membership: General marketers manage or broker CCPs for applications such as, but not limited to, fly ash in pozzolanic and cementitious uses, waste and/or soil stabilization, etc.

MS – Specialty Marketer Membership: Specialty marketers manage or broker specialty CCPs only, such as non-pozzolanic, non-cementitious materials including but not limited to, cenospheres, bottom ash, synthetic gypsum, CCPs for structural fill or reclamation, etc.

AS – Associate Membership: Associate members are organizations or individuals with the same goals as the Association but that are not eligible for membership as an INDUSTRY MEMBER. Examples of ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are engineering and environmental consultants, law firms, end-users of CCPs (i.e. ready-mix producers, highway pavers, cement and wallboard producers, etc.), university research consortiums, agricultural interests, coal companies, and organizations or individuals that promote the use of CCPs in green building and sustainable development, and foreign producers and marketers.

AF – Affiliate Membership: "Not-for-profit" organizations whose goals directly support the CCP industry and consequently support the goals of ACAA. The primary purpose of Affiliate membership is to facilitate the exchange of educational, technical and other related information between ACAA and Affiliate members. Such organizations include other CCP associations, domestic and international, or groups who work together with ACAA on compatible goals, common points of interest and issues which impact the CCP industry.

I – Individual Membership: Individual members are so classified by virtue of their interest in the CCP industry and may include members of academia, regulatory bodies and interested parties. Interested parties who are employed by for-profit organizations with business interests in the CCP industry do not qualify for Individual membership.

ACAA Consolidated Membership Application Form

Electric Utility (U) Dues Calculation Worksheet