University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research was selected as the fifth recipient of the American Coal Ash Association Champion Award. Senior Research Engineer Bob Jewell accepted the award at ACAA’s 2017 winter meeting on behalf of the Center’s Materials Technologies Group.

ACAA established the Champion Award in 2012 to recognize extraordinary contributions to the beneficial use of coal combustion products. The recipient is selected exclusively by the Chair of the ACAA Board of Directors and is known only to the Chair until the moment the presentation is made. The recipient may be an individual or individuals, an institution—private or public, a member of ACAA or a nonmember, or living or deceased.

ACAA Chairman Charles Price praised the CAER team for its decades of support for beneficial use of coal combustion products. "Selecting a recipient for the ACAA Champion Award is not easy. Past Chairs of this association will agree that when you start to draft a list of potential recipients, the list gets very long very quickly," said Price. “After careful consideration, I have selected an organization that has provided decades of research, education, and training. This organization has had a particular focus on practical solutions which impact markets both today and into the future."

CAER’s Materials Technologies Group specializes in developing construction materials from a wide variety of CCPs. The Center has also become a valued strategic partner for ACAA, cosponsoring the international World of Coal Ash conference and symposium since 2005 and, more recently, in development of special topic conferences and creation of the Coal Combustion and Gasification Products Journal.


Previous ACAA Champion Award Honorees

2012 – John Ward, ACAA Government Relations Committee Chairman
2013 – David Goss, former ACAA Executive Director
2014 – U.S. Representative David B. McKinley
2015 – USDA Agricultural Research Service
2017 – University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research